Spin out companies


imageIntelesens is an internationally recognised, leading innovator in targeted non-invasive wireless vital sign monitor development who has developed the world’s first intelligent, wearable, non-invasive, wireless vital signs monitoring device for use primarily in remote patient monitoring and personal telehealth applications.

Intelesens is a spin-out from the University of Ulster where there is a strong long term relationship with three leading academics thus ensuring the continued identification and design of world beating innovative products.

Intelesens is developing a portfolio of products which will deliver improved quality-of-care to patients and significantly reduce healthcare costs by reducing the need for hospitalizations and outpatient visits.

Intelesens develops and manufactures its own products and also products for other original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Their VS100, patch based Bluetooth Vital Signs Monitor has achieved CE regulatory approval and began shipping in December 2009.


imageHeartSine was founded in 1997 for the purpose of developing a family of products focused on an emerging growth segment of the medical device marketplace: easy-to-use, affordable defibrillators for the home and public access markets. HeartSine® established R&D activities in Northern Ireland and initiated a formal collaboration with the University of Ulster’s Bioengineering Center (NIBEC) and its partner, the Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH), a local teaching and research hospital, to augment and enhance our in-house development activities. HeartSine’s engineering team has focused on developing leading edge, innovative technology systems for defibrillators.

HeartSine’s technology and innovation is based on a proven history of development in the field of cardiac defibrillation that began in the 1960s. (See History for further historical background). Their R&D is spearheaded by the best technology experts in the industry. The Chief Technology Officer is Professor John Anderson who was pivotal in the groundbreaking work that created the world’s first mobile coronary care unit. Professor Anderson has been miniaturising defibrillators for four decades. He has been a cornerstone in developing HeartSine’s state-of-the-art samaritan PAD Public Access Defibrillator. Also steering our research is a leading authority in the field of clinical cardiac research, Dr. Jennifer Adgey.


imageHeartscape Technologies, Inc. is a privately held venture funded company engaged in the development and marketing of the PRIME ECG System (PRIME), a breakthrough medical device that is designed to allow more accurate and rapid diagnosis of heart attacks (acute myocardial infarction or AMI) and ischemia. PRIME is a patented, FDA approved product with an annual US market opportunity of approximately $1 billion.


Engineering Futures and Dr Steve Myers Talk

Monday 23rd of February 2015

Engineering Futures and Dr Steve Myers Talk

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Tuesday 10th of February 2015

Inaugural Professorial Lecture by Tony Byrne, Professor of Photocatalysis

Inaugural Professorial Lecture by Tony Byrne, Professor of Photocatalysis

When & where Wednesday, 22 October 2014 18:30 at the Jordanstown campus Lecture Theatre 9F03

NIBEC Lecture Series begins in mid - October