The Institutes International Profile is constantly being raised through strategic alliances; organisation and attendance of International Conferences and development of funded initiatives such as  the development of EPSRC  MATCH National Centre (Brunel; Nottingham; Imperial; Cambridge and Ulster); EU Centres (e.g. £11M QUB/UU NanotecNI); the development of a major UK-EPSRC Growth Challenge Remedi Project (EP/C534247/1); British Council UKIERI key visits and exchanges (visiting professorships); and key-note/invited international lectures.

Significantly in the areas of Nanotechnology; Structural Materials and Bioengineering key MOU’s and Faculty exchanges are being signed and joint projects being undertaken between UU and;

  • University of Surrey (UK);
  • University of Illinois (USA);
  • IIT Bombay (British Council: UKIERI)
  • National University of Taiwan.
  • Dublin City University
  • University of Waterloo
  • Northeastern University 


imageLinks between; The Universities of Texas (Austin), Queensland (Australia), CISRO and Zaragosa (Spain); Havana University (Cuba); Nanyang University (Singapore), TIT (Japan) and various EU Universities are growing via well established research projects. 

Following a recent set of invited visits to Keio University (Japan) and Northeastern University (USA); the Institute is establishing new highly strategic MOU’s in the area of Nanotechnology.

NIBEC is and has collaborated with numerous local and international companies, such as Seagate (Irl); Randox; Heartsine; Intelesens; Intel; Medtronics; Boston Scientific; Analog Devices; AVX (Ceramics); etc.


Engineering Futures and Dr Steve Myers Talk

Monday 23rd of February 2015

Engineering Futures and Dr Steve Myers Talk

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Tuesday 10th of February 2015

Inaugural Professorial Lecture by Tony Byrne, Professor of Photocatalysis

Inaugural Professorial Lecture by Tony Byrne, Professor of Photocatalysis

When & where Wednesday, 22 October 2014 18:30 at the Jordanstown campus Lecture Theatre 9F03

NIBEC Lecture Series begins in mid - October